Guide to Hosting the Cutest Baby Shower on the Block

Hosting a baby shower for a beloved friend, neighbor, or family member? While the focus is, naturally, on the mother-to-be and her adorable baby bump, it’s definitely fun to throw a memorable party for everyone to celebrate.

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If you’re looking for cute baby shower decoration ideas, or ways to make your baby shower décor a little different than balloons and cupcakes, read on. You’re sure to find plenty of inspiring baby shower decoration ideas to celebrate in true style!


Display Sonogram Photos.

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Everyone loves to see the miracle of a developing baby, why not show these off at the baby shower? Use a framed bit of chicken wire and some wooden clothespins for a simple, rustic vibe.{found on }.

Balloon Baby.

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Have a fun time customizing the look of a sweet sleeping baby with balloons! Tie to a stick or other slim vertical object, and fill in all the gaps with balloons of your choice (pink for a girl, blue for a boy, or whatever you know the mother-to-be would love).

Onesies on a Clothesline.

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We love the idea of blending form and function anywhere, even at a baby shower. Hang color-coordinated (or simply white!) onesies from a clothesline as part of your décor. This is an easy way to fill in the eye-level space, which is sometimes a hard place to decorate.

Bubbly Balloons.

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While the “bubbly” will probably be nothing more than some sparkling cider (at least for the mom-to-be), this fast and easy wall decoration will put plenty of fizz into the whole gathering. It’s just pearlescent balloons blown up to be different sizes and taped on the wall, but isn’t it lovely?


Monkey Baby Shower Decorations.

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What mom-to-be doesn’t appreciate decorations…that double as functional gifts later on?! These rolled-up diaper “cakes” topped with monkey decorations and balloons are as adorable as they are useful.

Owl Baby Shower Decorations.

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Frankly, the decorating gods were smiling upon the owl-as-theme, with the versatility of the word “Whooo.” Use this on any sign, banner, poster, card, or game in your owl-themed baby shower, and it’s sure to be a hit.{found on }.


Simple Glassware & Ribbon.

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You’ve probably worked hard on the actual refreshments for your baby shower, so why not let the goodies themselves shine? A simple white tablecloth, plenty of clear glassware for serving, and a few pieces of ribbon in the color of your choice will make a perfectly decorated baby shower tablescape.

Paper Strip Balloon Garland.

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Framing the refreshment or gift table with something above the table itself is a sure way to emphasize it. Plus, it makes things easier because whatever is ON the table itself becomes instant baby shower décor as well! Simple paper strips glued or taped to string and attached to helium-filled balloons is a clever way to frame out the refreshments table here.

Varied Heights on Display.

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One thing that makes a dessert table extra-appetizing is presenting the food itself in a beautiful way. One way to do this is to use serving trays and plates of various heights and shapes, although it’s good to keep them monochromatic or clear, so things don’t get too crazy. Consider tiered dishes, raised cake platters, and low serving bowls, for example, to vary the heights across the table.


Crepe Paper Waterfall Wall.

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To really showcase a feature, whether it’s baby shower desserts or gifts or games, adding twisted streamers to create a “waterfall” background is a lovely, festive, and inexpensive strategy.{found on }.

Tissue Pom Pom Balls.

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These giant tissue balls are a host’s go-to for quick and easy baby shower décor. They are inexpensive to make, easy to hang, and customizable for any color scheme or space. They look great above the baby shower refreshments table or above/around the mom-to-be’s chair of honor.

Paint Chip Paper Garland.

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Another way to add a splash of color and variety to your baby shower décor is to create a paper garland out of paint chips. Choose 3-4 colors that go with your baby shower color scheme, use a circle punch to cut them out, and them into strands, and hang for a big visual bang.


Tutu Gift Basket.

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It really doesn’t get much cuter than a little girl in a tutu. Close second? A basket in a tutu. (Who knew?) The tutu basket could be used in a variety of ways at the baby shower, including as a gift basket, a note basket, a utensils-and-napkins basket, or even a basket for the mom-to-be to tote away gifts at the end.{found on }.

Tutu-Bedecked Refreshments.

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Let’s keep going with the tutu theme, shall we? Of course, not all baby girls are going to turn into (or even like) ballerinas, but the tutu sure makes an adorable, not to mention easy, baby shower decoration icon. Some tulle wrapped around water bottles is time- and budget-friendly and too cute for words.{found on }.

Balloon Arch.

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A little more intensive than many simple baby shower decorations, this balloon arch makes a major statement, in a major way. Keep balloons colored thematically, but notice how a few aqua balloons mixed in with the girly colors keeps things real? This is lovely and would make any mother-to-be feel extra special. (Full tutorial .)


Bow Tie Table Decorations.

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Add a little gentlemanly class to the baby shower table with these cute bow tie decorations. Wrap up the napkin and plasticware in one easily accessible bow tie package.

Bow Tie Garland.

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This sweet garland could be done in any color scheme you like, and placed anywhere where it’s bound to be seen and appreciated. It just requires a bit of paper, some washi tape, and a string. Doesn’t get much easier (or cuter) than that!{found on }.

Diaper Castle.

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This takes the giving of diapers to a whole new level! With some blue turret tops and felt flags and carefully ribbon-wrapped turrets, the diapers make a great boy baby shower party decoration…and a great boy baby gift, after the fact.{found on }.


Sign the Onesie.

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Grab a onesie with the baby’s name (if known) printed on it, or a generic statement like this one (“I am loved”), then have the onesie available for all guests to sign with Sharpie. This will be a beloved keepsake for the mom-to-be for years to come, long after baby grows out of it.{found on }.

Decorate a Block.

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Keep those Sharpies busy by having a table full of blank square wooden blocks. Encourage all guests to decorate a block for the baby. These personalized blocks will be both fun and memorable. (After the baby shower is over, consider sealing the blocks with some baby-proof clear coat.)

Thumbprint Keepsake Art.

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Customize this kind of art with any animal, person, or object and plenty of thumbprints of the baby shower guests. Have them sign (very small!) their thumbprint as well. Ink can be one color (pink for girls, blue for boys?) or a rainbow. Include a frame as part of the gift for the mom-to-be; it’s one less thing for her to have to worry about with the new baby on the way.{found on }.


Baby Bottle Beverages.

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Simply take the rubber tops off a bunch of plastic bottles, and serve the baby shower beverages in the bottles. This looks so cute for the party, plus the mom-to-be can take the bottles home and use them for the wee one later.{found on }.

Fruit Baby in Watermelon Bassinet.

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Perfect for a summertime baby shower when fruit is especially tasty, this adorable fruit salad is almost too cute to eat! Have fun creating the fruit baby and watching your guests oooh and aaah.

Pink Drizzled White Chocolate Cookies.

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These look very festive and sophisticated, but the truth is, they’re so fast and easy. They are a perfect baby shower refreshment go-to! Simply dip oreos (or cookie of your choice) into melty white chocolate, then drizzle a bit of colored white chocolate on top. So pretty, yet so simple.

Duck Pond Lemonade.

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Bring some kid-style fun into the décor by floating some (clean!) rubber ducks in the lemonade. This is a simple decorating detail that would be very cute for a girl baby shower, boy baby shower, or unknown baby shower!


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