8 DIY Halloween Wreaths

Wreaths are a way to say, “Welcome,” even if it’s a spooky one. It’s time to start thinking about how to decorate your home for the quickly approaching Halloween season and why not start with a DIY wreath to adorn your front door? Greet your trick-or-treaters with something special. Try out and (or all) of these unique, a bit creepy, cooky and adorable projects!

1. The Black Bird Singing Wreath.

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It’s a little creepy but still so simply and chic. This easy-to-do black bird wreath would look great on a light colored door. The wreath is a great option for anyone wanted a toned-down Halloween look or someone going for something a bit more theme-y.

2. The Girly Candy Corn Wreath.

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Got a bag of candy corn and a glue gun on hand? This is easier than pie to do and fun to make! Just like a Christmas-time, gumdrop wreath all you need is to stick on the candy in a neat and tidy pattern. Add a paper rose for a bit of girlish charm to finish it off.

3. The Shiny Skull Wreath.

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Follow easy tutorial to create something just a pink eerie and a whole lot pretty! Even Halloween-time can be decorated with glitter … and the skulls are just a more stylish way to say, “Boo!”

4. The Bare Bones Wreath.

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This is pretty much a brilliant idea, especially if you have a darker door to make it pop! All you need is a Styrofoam skeleton from the Dollar Store, take it apart and create a wreath!More details on .

5. The Graveyard Wreath.

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A bit of moss, a tiny tombstone .. it’s a mess-made in heaven! Depending on your theme or style for this year’s Halloween, this may be the lucky (or unlucky?) winner for your door!

6. The Hello Spider Wreath.

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Bouts of felt and a tiny little furry spider saying hello .. this is an adorable Halloween wreath! The kids won’t be scared of it and will have fun making it with you!

7. The Call Me Batty Wreath.

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All you need is yarn! This is an easy project to pull off and it’s perfect for those who go a little “batty” around Halloween time!

8. The Miss Witchy Wreath.

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Is this not adorable? Do you love witches, do you watch Hocus Pocus every Halloween? Well, if you do this is the wreath you need to create! Follow the tutorial .


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