7 Ways To Decorate With Skulls and Skeletons for Halloween

All you really need this Halloween is a giant bags of bones to decorate with. What is one of my favorite ways to decorate for the holiday? Using skulls of course (also known as Jolly Rogers, a less scary way to address them!) Part of the pirate theme, at least in my eyes, skulls are another way to represent Halloween and get creative with a lot of different, crafty DIY projects. Let’s see what you can do this Halloween with just a few skulls to play with!!

1. Create a clever, friendly welcome.

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Give your guests a big, silly hello by using some plastic or Styrofoam skeletons! Dress them to the nines with tops hots and bow ties. It’s an  easy, fun and a kid-friendly way to celebrate Halloween!

2. Spread out some sparkly skulls.

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Use a cluster of sparkly skulls as your kitchen or dining room table’s centerpiece. Design them any way you want, and add any extra decor you’d like. All you need is some glue and some bright glitter to get the job done.{image from }.

3. Make a little skull-buddy.

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Use tutorial to create this cute, tiny guy. He’s adorable and not too creepy for any little ones. Sit him on the mantle, stairs or a side table to bring in some subtle Halloween flair.

4. Light the skull candle holders.

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This is a chic and stylish way to incorporate some Halloween decor. You can easily these and set them up on the dinner table or mantle for display. It’s a more fashionable way to show off your trick-or-treating spirit. Of course, the fact that they are sparkly helps too!

5. Hang up a skeleton wreath.

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All you need to do is break apart a plastic or Styrofoam skeleton for this to ! It’s another great way to incorporate some bones into your Halloween decorating. Remember, you can’t forget to dress the front door!

6. Simple skull wall art.

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You can always create some simple skull and cross bones art as well. Use your own photoshop or print out some free Halloween clip-art, then pop it in a frame. Dress the walls, mantles or doors around the house.

7. Scare with a graveyard surprise.

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You can always decorate the yard with a little cooky surprise. Give a scare or a little chuckle by using some bones to make a funny little grave. Even if the skeleton is just sitting back relaxing!


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