7 Ways To Create & Display A Photo Collage

Whether you are a professional  photographer, a lover of vintage Polaroid film or just have a lot of fun memories you’d like to show off around the house, we have some exciting and new inspiration on how to display all those photos. It’s gets boring just slapping them up on the wall, in a row, side by side. Instead, create a funky collage. And there are so many unique ways to do so!!

1. The Rubik’s cube style.

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Take some of your absolute favorite, most beautiful photographs of your family and friends and have them blown up and put onto a canvas. Then display them like so. It’s architectural, contemporary and totally reminds me of the right side of a Rubik’s cube!

2. The vintage DIY style.

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Okay, so snag some chicken wire out of the garage, a vintage, thrifted frame and get to work. Take out your photo box and pick several of your favorite photos. Then have a go at arranging. This is such a fun way to display your pictures … with a bit of an edge!

3. Hanging from the sky style.

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If you’d like something with a bit of romance and whimsy, then hang your favorite photos from the sky! use chicken wire, ribbon or thread! And make sure you use some fun frames.

4. Chaos style.

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If you’re feeling like your home needs something a bit more eclectic try “a wall of” style. Without any rhyme or reason start hanging up your photos. Once completed, it’ll be personalized, unique and all your own (with some artsy vibes to go along with it, of course!).

5. Floating cloud style.

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Like a cloud, gently blowing in the wind, gather up a cluster of your favorite photos and create a similar small design. It’ll give texture, art and edge to the wall. And, it gives the illusion of a small cloud of photos just floating around your walls.

6. Heart style.

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So simple, sweet and precious. For your children’s photos, big family photos or your wedding day photos … display them in a heart! The symbolism is perfect, it’s different and easy to do!

7. Clothesline style.

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This is a fun, playful and completely unique way to display your “naked” (without frames) pictures. Just like you would with some of your wet clothes, DIY or find some snazzy clothespins and hang them for everyone to see.