5 Ways To Use and Decorate With Dried Flowers

Whether you’re already  a pro at drying flowers or you just so happen to have a box of old boyfriends’ rose petals that you’ve been keeping for not-so-sentimental values, dried flowers can come in handy during your search for new home decor. Even though these dried flowers are essentially dead, they’re still beautiful and can leave a pretty (and sometimes vintage) mark on a small space in your home.Recycle, reuse and DIY at its absolute finest, dried flowers are the perfect project to turn something old into something brand new.

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Try out any of these wonderful ways to use and decorate with dried flowers in your home. They’re simple enough for anyone to be able to put together and pretty enough for anyone to admire.

1. Leave them in a vase.

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Just because a bouquet of roses you’ve gotten are now all dried up, it doesn’t take away from their natural beauty. Instead missing the the feeling of fresh, young flowers, keep the dried buds in that vase. It’ll instantly transfrm into a romantic, old-age piece adorning your table.

2. Leave them hanging.

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For those that already know how to dry out their own flowers, hanging them is just one of the steps. Instead of taking them off their strings, leave them up and hanging! It’s a bit whimsical and adds a bit of surprise to your kitchen cabinets or windowsill.{found on facilisimo.com}.

3. Turn them into potpourri.

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Adding the dried petals to some fresh herbs and organic oils is simple and gives you the gift of instant aromatherapy. Dump the mixture you’ve created into a cute little basket or tin and it’s not only a pretty home accessory but a way to also make your home smell lovely.{found on }.

4. Create a wreath.

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Recycle those old flowers and you can easily turn them into a wreath. Buy a base at your local craft store and get creative! Hang them on windows, doors or even as a great piece of DIY wall art. Add ribbon, twigs or any other piece of naturalness to create a beautiful, organic decoration for your home!{foun on }.

5. Press them.

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Learn how to press dry flowers and create some pretty artwork. In a shadow box or a hidden surprise in an old book, dried press flowers are simply beautiful and have a vintage-flavor about them. They’re a little boho but still very elegant for anyone who wants some sort of eclectic vibe in their home.{found on }.


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