10 Simple DIY Pumpkin Fall Decor Concept

Pumpkins are signature pieces of fall flavored decor. And they aren’t just for Halloween decorating! The leaves are changing, the temperature is slowly falling and the moon is glowing every night. It’s time to decorate ….  Autumn style! And pumpkins are the first pieces to the puzzle. Check out all these ways to utilize these little orange bulbs around the house … and a bit outside … to bring in that fall feeling before Halloween even pops up!!

1. Add some sew-worthy accessories.

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Add some buttons, zippers and bits of fabric to create some crafty pumpkins. Display them on the windowsill of the craft room or right outside the front door!

2. A bit of duct tape.

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Fortunately, duct tape comes in a variety of colors and prints now. And fortunately, even the least crafty of us can use duct tape to create something special. Jazz up your pumpkins with some of this!

3. Festive centerpieces.

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Maybe you’d like to use some mini pumpkins and leave them bare. Find a great plate or platter and show them off at the dining room table. Or add a candle inside to add some romance.

4. Mad hatter style.

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Topsy turvy, a little looney and with a whole lot of personality. Try out DIY to create some fun, fall decor for your garden or front door!

5. Stick on a wreath.

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You can also gather up some small pumpkins and put them on the welcome wreath. Wreaths are such a great way to pay homage to the season and your door should always be dressed!

6. Fill the planters.

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For a playful, yet classy outdoor look, try filling large planters with multi-colored pumpkins. It’s fall, it’s fun and it’s stylish. Not to mention, it’s easy!

7. Decoupage some leaves!

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This may be my favorite, because of its chicness! Lighten up your pumpkin, decoupage some beautiful leaves and VOILA! it’s a beautiful leafy fall favorite!

8. Sparkles always work.

Dipped your pumpkin in some glitter and it’s instant fashion. Anywhere in your home, this beauty will shine it’s fall-like glow! And don’t forget the ribbon.

9. Mum-ful pumpkins.

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Take some mums. Take some pumpkins and cover them up with these gorgeous Autumn flowers. Yes, it’s that simple.

10. Dotted pretties.

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It’s flirty, girlish and probably just too much fun to !