10 DIY Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Concept

Halloween will be here before we know it! And it’s time to start thinking about different ways to decorate your pumpkins. Instead of the usual, gut and carve, there are so many other less messy and creative ways to enjoy the season! So let’s start brainstorming fun ideas!!

Check out all these fabulous, fun DIY ideas to get your pumpkins in spooky, scary but still stylish Halloween shape! Then place them on the front porch to welcome all your guests!!

1. Boo! It’s only some buttons.

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So easy and so adorable. Grab some black buttons and glue on your favorite Halloween phrase .. or even a face. Boo, Trick or Treat, Happy Halloween … go button crazy! And, of course, add a ribbon on top.

2. A bit of sparkle.

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Using sparkle is always a way to get noticed! And your front door will shine bright with this DIY.  Bedazzle a white pumpkin with sticker jewels and attached a spider applique for some buggy appeal.

3. Wrap it up.

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Mummified pumpkins are perfect for welcoming trick-or-treaters! Grab some gauze and some googly eyes and VOILA! you’ve created your own little pumpkin with a personality.

4. Funny spiders.

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All you need for this DIY is some paint (or construction paper) and some wires. Make a fun little face and add the wire legs!

5. More candy corn please!

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Use some spray paint to create candy corn pumpkins! These life-size treats will look good enough to eat and make all the little ones smile.

6. 3-D funk.

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Use some puff paint to create spooky spirals! It’s not messy and easy for anyone to enjoy.

7. Simple paint.

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Or if you don’t want to puff, you can just use some simple paint. Make some Halloween-y jack-o-latern looks and some of your own original faces for fun.

8. A pinch of candy.

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The kids will love this one! Use candy to create fun faces! A witch, a smile or a ghost saying, “Boo!” Have fun and be creative with licorice and marshmallows!

9. Fang-tastic.

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In the mood for some vampy style? Cut out enough space to add some fake fangs! It’s creative, easy and everyone will love them!

10. Black magic .. and a kitty.

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What’s a scary witch without her cat? We don’t know, but what we do know is that it makes for great decorating fun! Follow fun DIY to make something similar in your front yard.